March 26, 1996

It all begins with my mother in the hospital of Utrecht. There where she has a check-up on her pregnancy. Little did she know, that I would make my move. Even though it should be another six weeks. I had other plans, it became a premature birth.


Into the new century of (digital) technology. Where I only just started elementary school at the Ten Boom School, Maarssenbroek. Here it was noticed quickly that I did things my way. By doing the creative tasks differently than the other children. I didn’t know.


Things became to fall apart and come together. High school wasn’t the place for me to be. It saddens me to say, but what I’ve learned at Broeckland College, Breukelen wasn’t for me. I didn’t know what to make of life.


Applied at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, to become a Desktop Publisher. It was magical to see all the different possibilities with print media and design. In 2013, I was sure about it all and created my own freelance design company.


After graduating from my first study at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. I wanted more, this time I went on to study Interaction Design. Because I enjoyed the work, they allowed me to skip a year. This motived me tremendously.


Joined Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, University of Applied Sciences. To get my bachelor of science and to learn about Communication Multimedia Design and Experience Design. Here’s where the story is right now. To be continued.